Learn How to LEAD DURING CRISIS by knowing EXACTLY WHAT TO DO in the first 10 days! 

  • Benefit 3 - Uses FEAR as a POSITIVE!
    It's scary being the leader! Its ALL on you!

    The author has led during life and death situations. He knows the emotions that are surging through your mind and body with the weight of responsibility that you have on your shoulders to make the right decisions. This eBook is simple, clear and empowering to a leader in the midst of ANY crisis.

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I sat in a National Emergency Management Response Meeting during COVID19 and listened as one of the other Emergency Managers said:


"We have to be the rock in the river! We have to maintain our people's focus so we can keep them safe and get them across this crisis river!"


I knew those words, I had read them in Dion Jensen's posts on LinkedIn! To hear them come out live, in an operational setting during a crisis that was 'unprecedented' in our country, was testament to both the content and the reach of this book.

Emergency Manager

New Zealand

I am a confident leader with a lot of experience in crisis and even during COVID 19, I knew what to say and do. However I was surprised to find that a large demographic of my staff did not respond to our normal language and procedures with this level of stress in the world.


When I started using Dion's metaphors of The Rock, The River and The Eagle, it had instant understanding and buy-in from my staff. It put them at ease.


Having the first 10 days mapped out, also cut down the amount of time it took to send instructions to our staff. It was certainly faster than reading through all the SOP's which we found out that most of our staff were not conversant with!

Managing Director

United Kingdom

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